Project Lydia Handmade Jewelry Necklace

Project Lydia Handmade Jewelry Necklace

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About Project Lydia

Project Lydia is a fair-trade economic development/education project that lifts women and children in remote villages in Uganda out of the worst of poverty, restores purpose, hope, and dignity. The project helps local widows and abandoned women overcome adversity and thrive in every area of their lives. Project Lydia teaches skills, provides an educational support system, and opens doors for the women to support their families. The women meet weekly to be paid for their handmade wares and to work on projects together. Currently Project Lydia empowers and employs 350 women and currently has sent over 750 children to school.

This is the Iris Magazine Necklace. Single Strand.

Newspaper necklace is made of 40 individually hand rolled beads and measures 13 inches long. This necklace is comprised of many multi-colored beads. Necklaces are made from recycled paper which is cut into long strips and individually hand rolled. The colors you see are the colors that are in the paper. The process of creating a piece of beaded jewelry from hand-rolling the bead to assembly, takes about a week.