Acacia Wood Spoon

Acacia Wood Spoon

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This Acacia Wood Spoon is the perfect gift and kitchen accessory,
crafted from Acacia hardwood for durability and aesthetic quality.
Its angled handle ensures a comfortable grip and provides efficient
spooning while its smooth finish makes it easy to clean.
Perfect for stirring sauces, scooping grains, and serving food.

Scoop and stir it in style with this Acacia Wood Spoon! This large spoon is made of acacia wood, and its lovely brown wood grain gives it a rustic charm. Its long, skinny handle ends in a wide bowl that's great for serving up soups, casseroles, sides, and more!


  • Length: 13 3/8"
  • Width: 3 11/16"
  • Thickness: 15/16"